Diane has been using the TerraQuant cold laser machine in her practice for over six years. It is one of the best pain relieving devices on the market. This machine delivers visible results using a unique combination of pulse laser, infrared radiation, visible red light and magnetic field generations. It is used in the treatment of sports injuries, soft tissue and joint conditions, neuropathy and wound healing. TerraQuant speeds recovery time while providing pain relief, increased stamina, wound healing and treatment of accompanying conditions/diseases. Combined with acupuncture or used alone, it is a very effective healing tool.

Why Use Cold Laser?

Cold laser is safe, effective & non-invasive. The technique was developed 30 years ago, but phototherapy (laser therapy) has become mainstream in the past decade. Using low levels of specific wavelengths, photons of light are super-pulsed into the body at the site of pain or injury. This technique, super-pulsing, allows for deeper penetration than other techniques. Tendons, ligaments & joints can be effectively targeted. Blood flow and lymphatic drainage are increased. Cells and tissues absorb the light, convert it to usable energy and utilize this energy to heal. The list of conditions helped/healed by Terraquant Cold Laser is endless.

What I should Know About Cold Laser?

Dear Diane, thank you so much for recommending Cold Laser Therapy to treat my pain. Along with the acupuncture treatments you gave me, it was amazing. I am in the medical field, but I was not familiar with Cold Laser Therapy. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Not only did it heal my pain, but it effected my entire immune system, as the pronounced fatigue and malaise that I had been experiencing, also disappeared. Debra B., Point Loma.

Diane has used her cold laser machine to help me heal from several conditions. The most remarkable; however, was the treatment of a very painful case of shingles. After only two treatments, my rash was barely noticeable and my pain was reduced to a minimal level. Within seven days, I was completely healed. Thank you Diane for recommending such a powerful treatment. Michael G., Mission Valley.

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