Experience the Healing Power of the MR4 Laser

The MR4 Cold Laser is an FDA approved non-invasive technology that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects. It is currently used for pain reduction, tissue healing, reduced swelling and increased circulation. Energy in the form of photons is emitted by the MR4 laser and absorbed by cells and tissues as light is converted into biochemical energy. Normal cell function is restored as pain and swelling are treated and tissue damage relieved. This non-invasive treatment has clinically proven results without side effects. A wide array of components allows for large or small areas to be treated easily and quickly.

Clinical research demonstrates that injuries treated with laser therapy heal faster. Additionally pain is reduced, blood flow is increased, lymphatic drainage improved, range of motion increased and tissue repair and immune response strengthened.


MR4 Cold Laser Therapy

What I should Know About MR4 Laser treatment?

  • What is laser or light therapy?

    Specific wavelengths of red or near infrared light are emitted by the MR4 to produce therapeutic healing effects. Light is provided by the low powered laser or an LED, light emitting diode. Physiological responses are stimulated by photons and rapid healing follows. Symptoms such as pain, swelling and inflammation are eliminated in the process as the injury heals and tissue repaired.

  • Laser therapy history

    The effect of red light on cellular function has been known since 1880. The clinical benefits of Laser therapy were accidentally discovered during laser safety tests in 1967. Commercially available lasers suitable for treating pain were sold in the late 1970’s. Since that time, laser therapy has been used in Europe by a wide range of healing modalities including the medical profession, physical therapy, and chiropractic. With FDA approval in 2002, laser therapy is becoming increasingly valuable to the healing community in the USA.

  • How long has Diane been practicing MR4 Cold Laser treatment?

    Diane has been using cold laser therapy on her patients since 2005. She is continually learning more about laser therapy and the most updated protocols through seminars, webinars and her own clinical experience. In her practice, Diane has found laser to be particularly beneficial for disc herniation, knee pain, wound healing, shingles and tendonitis.

  • May I use Cold Laser with other therapies?

    Yes, it may be used along with acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, soft tissue mobilization & other relevant treatments.

  • Who can administer MR4 Laser Treatment?

    Only licensed practitioners

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Dear Diane, thank you so much for recommending Cold Laser Therapy to treat my pain. Along with the acupuncture treatments you gave me, it was amazing. I am in the medical field, but I was not familiar with Cold Laser Therapy. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Not only did it heal my pain, but it effected my entire immune system, as the pronounced fatigue and malaise that I had been experiencing, also disappeared. Debra B., Point Loma.

Diane has used her cold laser machine to help me heal from several conditions. The most remarkable; however, was the treatment of a very painful case of shingles. After only two treatments, my rash was barely noticeable and my pain was reduced to a minimal level. Within seven days, I was completely healed. Thank you Diane for recommending such a powerful treatment. Michael G., Mission Valley.